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A good option for Hotel near the Hanok(Korean traditional house) Village

There isn't quite good Hotels in Jeonju.
So I booked this one near the Hanok Village

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#Jeonju #hotel #Nbridge
Reum : *Eng sub
✔️there can be some wrong spells or errors.
I think it can be helpful for foreigners to enjoy this video.

0:03 Here is Jeon-ju city.
0:06 What you can see on this screen is "Cheongyeonru", but idk how famous it is.
0:09 on the opposite side where i'm walking
0:11 there's hanok village behind my back.
0:16 today's destionation is N bridge hotel, which is located in front of me.
0:20 In Jeonju
0:22 there's no famous global hotel's branch like Daegu.
0:24 one of my freinds, who lives in Jeonju now recommended me to stay here.
0:32 the hotel is quite neat and equipped with fine facilities.
0:40 also it has nice view as it is close to hanok village.
0:45 but when you entered the hotel, the lobby seems like a cafe rather than a hotel.
0:52 on the left side, there's "Hollys coffe", a cafe, and the lobby looks like the part of the cafe.
0:59 this elevator makes me feel as though I'm in a motel.
1:04 what i felt weird in here are languages they use. other hotels make their brochure written in Korean/English/Chinese character.
1:09 but they use Japanese instead of Chinese character.
1:14 it has various room types.
1:20 My choice was "Deluxe double with a terrace"
1:23 i think the cheapest one is "Superior double with a terrace" and the difference of two types is whether the room has a bath or not.
1:56 M.G: oh, it was already turned on.
2:00 M.G: let's start with the bathroom.
2:01 M.G: Actually the only thing I use in the bathroom is flush. I don't use other functions at such places like hotels.
2:43 so i'm dissatisfied with many instructions.
2:49 just it doesn't look nice
2:57 and there's no boundary between the room and the bath.
3:00 when I have been Laonzena Hotel in Daegu, a glass made a boundary between the bath and the room but it was unclear one.
3:15 While this hotel use a clear glass so it makes a sexual atmosphere, which i have nothing to do with.
3:22 what's wrong with "Business hotel"?
3:30 there's a safe.
4:01 made by LG.
4:07 here's a descending life line, it makes room uglier.
4:11 hanok village is located in the other side.
4:22 what's this.
4:33 there's remote control for air-conditioner and lamp.
4:38 it's good for charging
4:43 smoking is not allowed.
4:51 when I'm doing such things, i feel like i'm a theif.
4:57 idk the beddings's quality even though i take a look at it.
5:14 actually there's nothing special to show you in this room cuz it's tiny room and every space is connected.
5:23 also there's nothing special around this hotel except for hanok village. Maybe I don't know enough.
5:27 the only place near here i have been is hanok village.
5:31 i strongly recommend you to stay here if you want to enjoy sightseeing focused on hanok village.
5:39 and i don't know other accommodations in Jeonju, so I can recommend you here as it's neat and not noisy.
5:49 as i told you, here's a cafe
5:53 and when you cross this bridge, there's hanok village.
6:02 i'm not here to see this lighting.
6:08 i'm on the way to the hotel after eating "blood sundae" for a night meal
6:14 at that time, it was cold.
6:16 and as the outbreak of the pandemic,
6:19 manys are not croweded outside but there were some couples.
6:23 you can see lightings like fireflies on the trees in the night.
6:31 you can enjoy this attractive view in the room.
6:34 the hotel has a good night view.
6:35 there's a stream in front of it.
6:41 and the lightings are reflected on the stream as well.
6:48 it is the nightscene from the hotel
6:52 but on this window, i can't film the whole nightview cuz it reflects room lightings as well.
6:59 i can't recommend this hotel by comparion with other hotels cuz i don't know well your sightseeing purpose and other hotels in this city.
7:10 but the local recommended here and it was quite neat and close to hanok village in my experience, I think it's not bad recommedation
Sangsoo Won : 리뷰를 정말 잘하시네요
Bea Reuters : 저도 딱 이런 느낌 골라서 호텔잡는데 취향저격이네요 깔끔하고 있을거 다 있고 모던하고.. 거기에 플러스로 침대가 폭신해야하고..
TheSunFlower : 형! 삼성동 신라스테이도 보고싶어요
혹시 가실일있으면 한번 소개해주셨으면 합니다@
영상보면서 대리만족 ㅜㅅㅜ
* JunHee : 뭔가 여행도 못가는데 대리만족 느낄수있어서 좋다

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