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Madrileños por el Mundo - Guayaquil

Es la ciudad mas grande y poblada del Ecuador y es conocida como 'La Perla del Pacífico'. Muchos la consideran su capital comercial. Lo que sí es desde luego es un lugar auténticmente encantador.

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Guayaquil Ecuador Dangerous Hood Part 1

Downtown Guayaquil Ecuador City La Bahia Streets travel tour guide. On my first time in Guayaquil Ecuador, I tour La Bahia el cento downtown streets to learn more about Ecuadorian food, the way of life, and the cost of living in this Ecuadorian City and end up walking into a Guayaquil Dangerous Hood

Guayaquil is a port city in Ecuador, known as a gateway to Pacific beaches and the Galapagos Islands. Stretching along the Guayas River is the waterfront Simón Bolívar promenade, home to La Rotonda monument. In the north, Las Peñas is a neighborhood full of colorful houses. Stairs lined with cafes and art galleries lead up Santa Ana Hill, the site of Santa Ana chapel, a lighthouse, and views of the city. - Wiki

15 Best Things To Do In Guayaquil Ecuador

Many people have told us to skip Guayaquil. We read many opinions that there's not much to do here and it's not worth visiting. So we decided to settle into Ecuador's largest city to investigate.

We were pleasantly surprised to find so many awesome things to do in Guayaquil! Best things to do in Guayaquil Ecuador: We loved the stroll the Malecon 2000, the ride La Perla Ferris Wheel, climbing Cerro Santa Ana and Las Peñas, taking the pirate ship for a cruise on the River Guayas, cycling across Santay Island, eating "congrejo criollo," and so much more!

So we wanted to make a video and write a blog post to show other travels that it can be worth a visit. So this video highlights what we found to the best things to do in Guayaquil. You can find all the details and directions on our associated article:

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